Northwest Pole
Buildings, Inc.

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With so many other pole buildings companies in the area, you may be asking yourself why you should pick NW Pole Buildings to build your new pole building for you.  As a consumer and a potential customer of ours, you need to choose what is best for you.  But here are a few things that we believe separates NW Pole Buildings from many other pole building companies.

Small Town Business

Because we are a much smaller company, we don't have the big shot salesman that will make you feel good about your new pole building, but we do have an honest man in Dan Roth. As listed in the home page, he will meet with you when you are ready.  After that meeting, if you are ready to move on with the process, Dan and Ryan will be the construction crew as well.  We have stayed in business for many years, and this website has now become one of our only advertising tools.  We are in this business to make an honest living, and to truly do our best to satisfy every customer that has a building built by us.  We are located in Ridgefield, WA, a place the Roth family has called home since the early 1920s.

Better Product

We believe that we put out a high quality pole building.  When we set up our strings for the layout of your building, it is very uncommon to be more than 1/16 of an inch off square.  Dan calls himself "OCD" about getting the building square. Between Dan & Ryan, there is about 64 years of experience on the construction crew.  How the construction crew builds your building, is the product you have to look at for the rest of the time you own the property and the building.  You will have a hard time finding a two-man pole building crew in the US with more experience.

When it comes to the material that we use, there will be times that we will go through a whole unit of lumber at the lumber yard, just to find a couple of boards that will meet our standards.  This is done on the important boards such as overhang boards, door fascias, and if applicable 2x12 rafters.  Also we use a thicker, harder-to-dent metal as the skin of your building.  This metal has a "Tuff-Rib" making it very strong.