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A 108' x 120' Horse Arena Complex (building completed Dec 2006, six pictures taken Jan 2010)

Comments from Owner:

Features that were designed into the plan that have been proven to be effective:
  • Barn built on the highest ground to prevent flooding.  So many people build in a run-off or low ground, then have problems with flooding.  Barn is dry in all storms.
  • Stalls facing south with doors out to the runs.  During heavy storms the doors can be closed keeping everything dry and then opened for the sun.  All the storms with wind come from the Southwest here in the Northwest [United States]. If its an East wind, it is dry and if its from the North, it is snow.
  • Gravel screens and some sand work well for arena footing.

                         This building includes:

  • 2 - 24' x 120' side sheds off 60' x 120' clear span arena. 
  • All 6x6, 6x8, & 6x10 PT poles on concrete footing pads.
  • 2x8 PT baseboards around base of sidewalls at grade, where applicable.
  • 2x6 side and roof framing on 24” centers.
  • Double engineered trusses bolted to poles (60' area).
  • 2 x 12 rafters with five 40-penny nails in each end of each rafter (side sheds)
  • Tri-Pli under roof (Vapor barrier).
  • Colored steel sides, roof, and trim (.017 thick grade E).
  • 2' between roofs covered with polycarbonate light panels. 
  • A 24' x 72' shop area on north side shed, with overhead door.
  • 6 sliding doors in stall area on south side. 
  • 2 sliding 12' x 8' sliding doors on east and west end on stall area.
  • Tack room in SW corner of building.
  • All T&G for this building was installed by owner.